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As you know, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful social networking tool. You can read all sorts of tips and tricks in our white paper, too. Another neat thing to note is that a few days ago, LinkedIn went public - with quite a bang.

social media planningAnd the end of its first day as a publicly traded company, LinkedIn (under the stock title ‘LNKD’) was valued at around $9 billion. For the sake of comparison, some other companies that fall into this range of worth include Tiffany's, Chipotle, and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

That is a large price tag per share for social media – hitting a high of $94. Now let’s put this into the perspective of your personal professional network. What do you place its worth at? Knowing the right people and forming the right relationships is generally what moves business forward and these numbers certainly prove the desire for a piece of LinkedIn.

Taking an inventory of your connections and efforts in LinkedIn would be worthwhile since the platform can only gain attention from this point. It may be a gut feeling, but I think it might be a better idea to invest in getting your LinkedIn account together than worrying about how many friends you have on Facebook.

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