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Everybody knows that selling and marketing yourself involves your clients' opinions. Feedback is a critical part of the process. Maybe you have filled out physical surveys at restaurants or click a few checkboxes in a follow-up email. A neat little nugget you might have seen is this symbol: [+] which is on a boatload of sites. The company behind this feedback feature is OpinionLab - and it is our PMG C.O.W.

client feedback interviewOn the front end of things, OpinionLab seems like a simple streamlined form of feedback between the consumer and the company. A positive note about these online comment cards is that you, as a user, can fill them out anytime, anywhere, about anything.

The other side of OpinionLab takes the results of the feedback, analyzes, interprets, and distributes the data back to the company to use quantitatively and qualitatively. As a company, you are customer feedback cardgiven visual aids, real-time information, and comments sorted by a degree of priority.

There are various pricing options for this tool with varying features. Customer feedback can be gathered through a website, mobile device, social media platform, and through kiosks in physical stores. You can include multiple choice questions and free response areas in your template, among other options. If you have the money to spend and no time to gather feedback, OpinionLab might be an option for you.

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