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Sometimes an email seems excessive - you might even write one off to someone outside of your organization, unintentionally! Having a Twitter-esque communications system within your business doesn't sound like too bad of an idea, right? Let's talk about Yammer, our PMG C.O.W.

Yammer LogoInternal communications, as envisioned by Yammer, allows a company to bring its employees together in a private social network. Yammer seems simple enough to use, but positions itself as "enterprise-class software" intended to drive internal business objectives further towards completion.

As mentioned before, you can blast off a Yammer that instantly goes out to all your business members. It is meant as a replacement for instant messaging and e-mail, but manages to promote efficiency, too. Think of it as micro-blogging; all members of your company can view real-time updates as they are posted. If a meeting is cancelled, one can just take a look at the Yammer and not even bother getting up from their desk – as an example.

It also has the features one would expect (file sharing, one-on-one messaging, profile customization, etc.). Obviously, with the paid version ($5 per user per month), you gain security benefits and additional controls. Now, I don’t see this is a full on reason to drop e-mails, but it could be a nice little kick starter worth looking into if your internal communications are down the drain.

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