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If you get a little downtime, you're sure to play on Farmville for a handful of minutes. Maybe you even listen to "Born This Way" in Lady Gaga Sheepthe process. Well, in a move that is turning heads (at least mine... slightly), Zynga (the company behind Farmville and other games) and Lady Gaga are going to unleash a Gaga-themed offshoot titled GagaVille.

This type of brand bombardment is something that might work (or flop). Do you think the little monsters of the world play FarmVille? They must, right? GagaVille will reportedly play the same as its parent, offering unicorns and crystals through your 'ville'. The launch date for this gem is May 17th.

Now, at first that is where I thought the tie-in ended, but this marketing dream is far from over. Players of GagaVille will get to listen to unreleased tracks from Gaga's latest album (coming out May 23th). Yet another neat little resource is if you happen to buy a $25 Zynga game card at, let's say, Best Buy - you can download the full album as a bundle! 

Words With Friends (another Zynga game) will also be bungled with a 'Gaga-element'; if gamers play the specific word of the day, they are entered to win concert tickets and other prizes.

This collaborative relationship is interesting to say the least and, I suppose, we will see if it works. Are you going to get your Lady Gaga music bundled with the fun of farming?

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