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PowerPoint has its limits and Photoshop can take some time to learn - so this week we bring you a handy web application that can add great visual aides to any presentation you give - LucidChart!

lucidchart logoLucidChart offers a unique drag-and-drop method of visual and engaging creation. You can create any flowchart or diagram you need without that static generic feeling you may get in your typical presentation. And the simplest part it – this is all done in your web browser.

Place whatever shapes you want into your graph, swing arrows and lines into place, add descriptions, and play around with color schemes. As with most applications, LucidChart comes in a free version along with other pricing options.

With the free version, you are allowed to collaborate on a document with one other person, have 25MB of online storage, and can have up to 60 objects in your document. For differences in the pricing options, check out their pricing level page.

The simple breakdown to try out LucidChart is there is no learning curve, a catalog of shapes and fonts is available, you won't run into compatability issues, and you can easily share & publish your diagrams. If you are looking for a fresh and friendly approach to visual aides in your presentations, give this a go.

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