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Believe it or not, Las Vegas is in full swing social media mode. About last week, Caesars Entertainment resorts started syncing with Topguest - which allows travelers to get loyalty points and awards through check-ins.

diceI find this ridiculously lucrative.
First point of order is that Topquest allows check-ins from other applications (Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, etc.).
The second thing that amazes me is the genius approach Casears is taking: allow for social check-ins, encourage users and visitors, entice with Reward Points, and drive those users into the gambling dungeons.

Once a guest registers and activates the program, Caesars doles out a whopping 50 credits for every check-in (with a change to win 500 bonus credits before May 9th).

Caesars is certainly not the first casino to take social media by the horns, but this combination of social marketing, geo-location, and gambling makes for one very interesting (and potentially dangerous) game. Simply by taking notice of a casino's interest in social media should be proof enough that engaging a community and great customer service is nothing to think twice about. It sort of makes you want to hop on a plane to Nevada and see how many credits you can scrounge up.

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