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Five star yogaIn yoga class the other day, my instructor guided us into the 5-point star position, or utthida tadasana for the purists. Once we were all standing in the pose, she said "The heart is the foundation of this pose, everything reaches out from there."

Because I had just finished my work day before I hit the yoga mat, my mind was still in "marketing mode," so of course I started thinking about how this pose could be applied to B2B marketing. As my head, two arms and two legs stretched up and out, here is what I came up with. It may be a stretch, but isn't that what yoga is all about?

(1) Your head is critical in your B2B marketing efforts because you have to stay smart and strategic when running and maintaining a marketing program. Setting goals, executing consistently, and tracking results with a clear head is a key component of your marketing.

(2) One arm reaching out represents the efforts that every business must make to get their message out to target audiences. In networking venues, sales meetings, marketing materials and social media channels, a business must constantly reach out with a strong, clear message.

(3) The other arm of this pose can represent the reaching out we all must do to our prospects and customers on a regular basis. Your current client base is a gold mine of possibilities for new business, as long as you stay in front of them. We have often had past clients get in touch with us for a new project because they have received one of our newsletters or seen us at a networking event. And nurturing your prospects by reaching out with valuable information - not just sales pitches - can also convert them to customers more quickly.

(4) One leg of the 5-pointed star represents the legwork that we all must do in our marketing. The best laid plans will stay just that - plans - if you do not commit to executing them step by step. (5) The other leg represents the forward motion that your marketing will make if you stretch yourself and leverage all the other pieces of this pose.

And of course, the heart is the center. Because if you're not passionate about what you're marketing, it just won't work.

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Maureen Condon | PMG Principal
Maureen Condon, PMG Principal

Before Maureen Condon became one of the Principals of PMG in 2006, she was a writer and a business owner – which explains why she specializes in content marketing and strategy. Covering topics that will help businesses get real, measured results from marketing – success you can see in numbers – Maureen likes to back companies in their efforts to create a strategy, a compelling message, and programs that connect with prospects, clients and influencers in ways that drive sales. And she does so, with panache!

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