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boston marketing companies PMGIt’s been an eventful year at PMG, and we have a lot to be thankful for. We’ve welcomed new team members, new partners, and new ventures. In the name of inbound marketing, we’ve learned to speak French, tackle responsive design, and discern the field marks of Google Hummingbird. We walked about 87 miles at Inbound 2013; some of us even discovered Hubway.

But it ain’t all gravy…  Inbound marketing has more unfolding secrets than a Real Housewives reunion. We couldn’t keep up without the insights and examples we get from our marketing peers, especially the local ones.

So here’s a Thanksgiving roundup of Boston’s best marketing bloggers—the pros who help us define (and redefine) what we do, while creating better and better work for our clients. Dig in and enjoy!


We heart HubSpot. Seriously, HubSpot’s Inbound blog is like the digital equivalent of Tiger Beat for our exploding teenage hearts. We could Hub-gush all day, but the truth boils down to this: there’s no place on earth where marketers can go to get more inspired or better informed. And since HubSpot is headquartered right here in Cambridge, MA, they top our list of brilliant Boston marketing resources.

KoMarketing Associates

If HubSpot is our ideal prom date, then KoMarketing is like the guy we wanna sit next to in pre-calculus—because he totally knows his stuff. And actually, the KM search engine marketing blog gets its brainpower from not one, but nine knowledgeable guys and gals. Go here to get your SEO geek on—plus much more… P.S. Welcome back, Stacy! Loved your storytelling post!

Strand Marketing

The Strand Marketing homepage challenges readers to, “dare to make them think.” At PMG we can never pass up a dare, so naturally we’ve gone back time and again. CEO and Brand Director, Dave Strand mans the company blog post, covering everything from keyword obsession to Social Media for the Head Honcho. The Strand blog is bold, honest, and peppered with personal anecdotes to remind readers how a web log should differ from a marketing manual. Well done, indeed.


Every content marketing campaign starts with a good hook—and boy, did CommCreative nail it with their Today's Marketing Cookie® blog series. Myles Bristowe, the CMO of CommCreative writes a daily blog post about marketing strategy based on fortune cookie quotes. The cookie quotes are all submitted by readers. How ingenious (and engaging!) is that?  Go grab a bite right now.

Overdrive Interactive

Have you ever wondered why being a vegetarian is the mark of a great executive? Or what free smoothies have to do with social media engagement? The fabulously fun and homegrown Overdrive Interactive blog will explain everything—in 16 different categories. We love Overdrive for their Boston-themed blog posts (like how the Red Sox rock the Twitter playing field) and their visual case studies. We suspect these guys may just have as much fun as we do… maybe.

Tell us which Boston marketing blogs you love to read. And hey, it’s okay to admit you’re just there to steal costume ideas for your next office Halloween party.

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