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Talk to any baseball fan—especially in Boston—and you'll hear people stressing over the strength of "the bench." The better your bench (meaning the players sitting on it), the better your long-term chances.

The same is true when you work with a marketing company, like PMG. And guess what? Our bench is STRONG. We're talking Big Papi strong. (If you don't know who that is, just picture a superhero with huge muscles. And a red cape to boot.)

See, we call on our fellow PMG team members often, all of whom are happy to help provide additional expertise, ideas, inspiration, and fill-in whenever needed. When you work with PMG, you'll have your own designated marketing "staff" (account manager, content creator, and marketing coordinator, just to name a few). But you'll also gain access to the entire PMG brain trust. At no extra cost.

So what can you expect from this PMG brain trust? A lot. Here are five ways our whole team rocks every client's b2b marketing strategy…

1. Training Tuesdays

Every other Tuesday, our virtual team meets online for advanced training and deeper discussions regarding how we can apply what we're learning to ALL of our client accounts. The good thing about our team is that everyone is aware of the accounts everyone else is working on.

So, for example, if I get an idea during Training Tuesday for an account I'm not on, I'll share the idea anyway. I want to see all our clients succeed, not just the ones I'm directly involved with. (And my colleagues do the same thing.) The best part? Team members are always receptive to hearing other people's ideas.

2. PMG Days

A few times a year, our virtual agency’s team members put on pants and meet up in person for a day or two of team building, training, and planning. We always carve out time for client-related topics, including "how we did that" success stories. We hear what works for other clients and then borrow and build on these ideas for our own client accounts.

We also leave time for brainstorming. So if a client has a new product launch or marketing initiative or challenge that they're facing, the entire team will brainstorm ideas. And not just any ideas, but practical ideas that work and follow inbound marketing best practices.

3. Skype

Skype is PMG's internal communication channel of choice. Through instant messaging, video conferencing, and screen shares, we can quickly communicate with our own account teams as well as the wider PMG brain trust.

Just the other day, I needed assistance with workflow logic, so I pinged Lori Dickey on Skype. (Lori's a workflow wiz.) Lori wasn't officially "on" the account in question, but because of her workflow expertise, I knew I could count on her to help, which she happily did.

4. Team email

We have a company-wide email address that goes to everyone's inbox. When someone has a general question, needs quick assistance, or wants to share an interesting article or resource, he or she can do so through the team email.

And believe it or not, we don't abuse this company feature, although we do occasionally have some fun on Friday afternoons with a little humor and other shenanigans (which you'll just have to wonder about, because what happens on team email, STAYS on team email).

5. Professional conferences

PMG's staff is encouraged to attend a couple of conferences/workshops a year. Individually, we strive to become better marketers, but we also bring back what we learn and share it with the rest of the team (all of which happens during Training Tuesdays, PMG Days, coffee klatches, and so forth).

Interested in having the PMG brain trust work on your behalf? Let's chat!

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Robyn Bradley, Content Marketer

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