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When people ask me about the kind of folks I work with, I mention that many of the people I report to are marketing managers/directors. This inevitable question usually follows: "But why would a marketing manager outsource the marketing work…isn't that her job?"

At first blush, it does seem counterintuitive. And perhaps twenty years ago, it wouldn't have made much sense. But marketing has transformed significantly in the last decade, thanks to the philosophies of gurus like Seth Godin and marketing software like HubSpot.

Inbound marketing is all the rage, and today's marketing managers are expected to be so much more than simply the person who sets up an ad buy or sends a press release.

Today's marketing managers are typically in charge of the following:

  • They manage all content marketing across all channels. So yes, that Facebook update, that Instagram picture, that blog post, that corporate video, that customer brochure, that ad in the magazine, that press release about the new product, that white paper…all of it comes under the marketing manager's watchful gaze. True, some larger companies might have several marketing managers, but plenty of SMBs put all of this content work on one person.

  • They must understand and react to analytics for every marketing program and campaign. Here's the thing: diving into analytics takes time, thought, and research to make sure you're truly understanding the story the numbers are trying to tell you. It's not just something you glance at and figure out. Analytics work takes time…lots of time.

  • They manage many other players. Think employees (writers, designers), freelancers, and vendors.

  • They increasingly engage with customers. For example, if the marketing manager handles all of the social accounts, she's engaging directly with customers every single day. This includes those customers who sing the company's praises and those who complain.

  • They work closely with sales managers in order to achieve better "smarketing." Long gone are the days of departmental "silos." Most successful companies today make sure that sales and marketing departments work in tandem and in harmony.

This isn't an exhaustive list, but it does cover the big areas. As you can see, if one person is tasked with everything on this list, it's nearly impossible to do all of it well. This is why many marketing managers outsource some of the work to companies like Precision Marketing Group.

Here are some mini B2B marketing case studies that show how we help marketing managers:

1. Fanhub 

Fanhub provides customers with innovative social CRM software. Fanhub came about when its parent company, BeQuick Software, was on the hunt for a CRM solution. Enterprise solutions like Salesforce weren't nimble enough, and BeQuick couldn't find any other solutions that fulfilled its needs either. So BeQuick created its own solution, and Fanhub was born.

BeQuick has a marketing manager, D'Ana Guiloff. D'Ana was tasked with managing the marketing for Fanhub as well. D'Ana is an incredibly smart marketer: she understands inbound marketing and she knows how content marketing can make or break a new product launch. But she's only one person.

How PMG helped Fanhub: Blogging. Lots and lots of optimized, value-filled blog posts that helped promote Fanhub's CRM philosophy, as well as related topics (collaboration, improving the sales pipeline, working better with sales, etc.). PMG has a stable of copywriters (like me!) who can dive into a topic, learn it, and run with it. And this is exactly what Fanhub needed.

Regarding the writing we did (and still do) for Fanhub, D'Ana says, "You managed to nail my voice and tone perfectly and I am very grateful you've made that part of my job so much easier."

2. Amsterdam Printing

This awesome promotional products company has been in business for over 115 years. It caters to SMBs, non-profits, and educational facilities. It has a busy online marketing department that handles everything from SEO to remarketing campaigns, content development to social media to everything in between.

How PMG helped Amsterdam Printing: Recognizing the importance of blogging—and keeping to a consistent blogging schedule—Amsterdam contracted PMG to help. Since the beginning of 2012, we've worked closely with Amsterdam to develop relevant blog editorial calendars and draft topical blog posts.

Erica Conley-Komoroske, Amsterdam's online marketing manager, says that because she's juggling so many different initiatives on her end, keeping to a schedule is incredibly important. When Erica went on maternity leave last May, she turned to PMG to help with scheduling content. PMG wrote and laid out blog posts ahead of time so that Erica's maternity leave (and beyond) was completely covered even before she left.

When PMG delivered this news, Erica wrote in an email, "Thank you for getting so far ahead on these. All are scheduled in the system and on our social sites and I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief because of all your help! Thanks so much!"

3. LEEZA Surfaces

Based in Montreal, LEEZA has some of the best surfacing products on the market: HanStone Quartz, Staron Solid Surfaces, Pyrolave, and its newest, "koolest" product: Kool Glass. LEEZA is a company that believes in having fun every step of the way, both in and out of the office.

How PMG helped LEEZA: LEEZA's marketing manager brought us in to revamp the website so that it had more of a consumer focus. This was back in 2012. Since then, we've also blogged, created offers, helped manage social media channels (including a fun Facebook contest), produced the monthly newsletter for trade partners, and developed and executed the marketing plan for the Kool Glass launch last fall. In other words, we provide the content marketing "muscle" that LEEZA needs, whenever the company needs it.

Mark Hanna, one of LEEZA's principals, says, "PMG makes sure that we have a consistent tone throughout all of our marketing collateral, a tone that is equal parts fun, yet professional. It's great to know we have a marketing partner to turn to when we need help, be it new content or marketing strategy."

Feel free to check out some of our other B2B marketing case studies. And learn more about how our outsourced marketing services can help YOU with whatever marketing challenges you face.

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