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A few weeks ago, I wrote a B2B marketing case study on how PMG helps marketing managers. But here's the thing: not all companies have a marketing department, especially those businesses where the solopreneur works overtime as the sales associate, customer service rep, marketing coordinator, and chief bottle washer.

After a while, doing so many different tasks not only drains the entrepreneur, but also dooms the business. There's just so much one person can do well—even if that entrepreneur is a go-getter and drinks voluminous amounts of Red Bull.

Just consider the many types of marketing the entrepreneur needs to keep in mind:

We could even go deeper with each bullet point and create subsets. For example, think of everything that falls under social media—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Ditto with content creation (e.g. white papers, blog posts, ebooks, website pages, and so forth).

As you can imagine, it's critical that an entrepreneur have a strong handle on his or her marketing in order to have a chance at making it in a competitive world that operates 24/7. So what's an entrepreneur to do? How can he or she possibly make this work—and still get sleep?

Enter PMG! We often serve as an entrepreneur's outsourced marketing department. Of course, that can mean different things to different entrepreneurs. The work we do for Awesome Entrepreneur Ernie will look quite different from the marketing services we provide Awesome Entrepreneur Elaine.

At PMG, we have a stable of awesome employees and sub-contractors with a wide variety of marketing skills. This gives us the ability to easily put together the right team for each entrepreneur's specific needs.

But don't take our word for it! Here are three more B2B marketing case studies that demonstrate the depth and breadth of our outsourced marketing services.

1. Management Mentors

Management Mentors is the leader in business mentoring. Its flagship product, MentoringComplete, provides excellent software that allows people to easily create, manage, and monitor a company's mentoring program—including the daunting task of matching mentors with mentees. Rene Petrin founded the company over 25 years ago, and he's been working with PMG for over a decade.

Rene knows mentoring inside and out. Reporters and researchers regularly reach out to him for his insights, and Rene's clients love working with him since he provides compassionate, hands-on assistance. Because Rene spends so much of his day interacting with his clients and prospective clients, he doesn't have much time to spend on marketing, which is why he turned to Precision Marketing Group.

How PMG helped Management Mentors: Over the last 10 years, we've provided a wide range of marketing services, including content creation, lead generation, and inbound marketing (Rene was one our first clients to use HubSpot). We hooked Rene up with his current sales associate and administrative assistant, and we regularly provide honest feedback regarding topics that go beyond the realm of marketing, such as potential partnerships/alliances and software products (e.g. CRM).

Regarding his relationship with PMG, Rene says, "PMG handles all the stuff I don't have time to handle or that I don't have any interest in handling. This allows me to do what I do best and that's working one-on-one with companies as they develop their mentoring programs. I can always count on PMG to deliver quality work and sound advice (even if I don't always want to hear it!)."    

2. Hebert Design/Build

If you're looking for a quality homebuilder in Rhode Island, you needn't look any further than Hebert Design/Build. Owner Tim Hebert has over 30 years of experience. His firm embraces the design/build philosophy, which integrates budget and design from the very start of the project and offers clients many benefits over traditional planning-bid-build methods.

We started working with Tim in the spring of 2012. He'd just gotten onto HubSpot and wanted to make sure he was maximizing all of HubSpot's many fabulous features. Problem was he didn't have the time to learn all the ins and outs because he was busy designing and building homes. So he turned to PMG to serve as his outsourced marketing department.

How PMG helped Hebert Design/Build: One of the first things we did was redesign the website so that it not only took advantage of HubSpot's features, but also created an image that truly reflected the high quality work Tim delivers to his clients. We started a monthly newsletter so that Tim could remain in front of past clients who might be interested in a future renovations (or who might know someone who is), and we got Hebert onto Houzz, which is THE platform for anyone in the housing industry to be on. This work has paid off: Hebert Design/Build was recently named "Best of Houzz" in the design category, and Houzz has become a good source of leads in addition to the spruced up website.

Tim says, "I think all the work PMG has done has added a great deal of credibility to my company, and, regardless of where the leads come from, it all has a very positive effect."

3. TriStar Plastics Corp

TriStar is a leader in the field of high-performance plastics, and helps engineers design, build and custom-fabricate bearings for use in over 70 industries. In fact, TriStar is a bit like PMG in that its goal is to serve as a company's in-house engineering department. This means TriStar CEO Richard Cedrone has a deep understanding of how outsourcing should work (and how it often fails).

How PMG helped TriStar: We brought in Denise Locke, one of our savvy technical writers with strong marketing chops. Denise quickly got up to speed on everything TriStar offered, from self-lubricating bearing products to surface modification principles and everything else important to engineers.

Denise is one of those special writers who can take a complicated topic and make it a compelling read. The proof is in the increased number of downloads that happen every time we release content Denise has penned. Back in February, Denise created a machining guide that received 130 downloads over the first two days—this was the single largest initial response to a white paper that TriStar has ever had. Oftentimes, the sales team is so busy with leads off the website that they don't even need to resort to cold calling.

Richard says, "Denise, Susan, and the whole PMG team consistently exceed my expectations. They know their stuff, and they have challenged us to be better in every area of our business."

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to get it all done? Learn how our outsourced marketing services can help YOU with whatever marketing challenges you face.

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