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B2B Email Marketing Exhibit A+Over here to our left next to the dinosaur bones, you’ll find our spectacular collection of ancient artifacts once affectionately called “flip phones” and “blackberries.” And moving on down the hall, feast your eyes on the now mummified “cold calls,” laid here to rest forever alongside paid links and article marketing...

Now, can anyone tell me what a “dial-up modem” is?

We all know the marketing landscape evolves faster than you can say the words AOL Instant Messenger. But throughout recent years – and even right up to today – email, despite its maturity, is still top dog… persisting in its role as the key contributor to higher customer conversion rates.

Interestingly, email remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media – nearly 40 times more than Facebook and Twitter combined. Why? Because 91 percent of all US consumers still check their email on a daily basis. Moreover, the rate at which emails prompt a purchase is estimated to be at least 3 times that of social media. 

But hold your horses, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and go blasting our entire customer contact database – Don’t forget there are some critical differences between B2B and B2C email marketing! And if you happen to be searching for those precious B2B email marketing tips, there’s no need to embark on your own elaborate archaeological dig. 

To save you some time, we’ve corralled 6 helpful articles that can give your email marketing strategy and campaigns the boost they need. Let’s take a walk down the curated inbound marketing wing and find out why the element of email is nowhere near extinct: 

1. Leading off with 11 Tips for B2B Email Marketing from Artegic UK, the article breaks down the ways in which an email subscriber is worth more than a website visitor, as well as 11 tactics for improving B2B emails. In a current study of top 100 companies, Artegic found that 72% see a rise or rapid increase in the significance of email marketing for their sector. Just more proof in the pudding that B2B email marketing isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

  • Top Tip: B2B service process emails (such as appointment reminders, feedback after service, order confirmations, etc.) are not only great real estate for additional information, links to landing pages and blog posts, etc. but they also have average open rates of about 70%!
2. Entrepreneur’s DJ Waldow essentially points out exactly what ticks off an email subscriber in Want to Make Email Subscribers Unhappy? Do These 6 ThingsUnsubscribe button malpractice and failure to optimize for mobile are listed, just to name a couple.
  • Top Tip: If someone unsubscribes from your mailing list, do not send a post-unsubscribe email! They don’t want another one. Period.
3. Though it’s been excavated from the summer of 2012, this MarketingProfs post – B2B Email Marketing Best Practices and Trends – provides stats (and several Infographics) that still ring true today. The exception being that 50% of surveyed marketers predicted that in 5 years, email would be less relevant! Boy, were they wrong.
  • Top Tip: Segment your database and employ targeted messaging – changing which emails you send based on how a prospect responds and/or what links the prospect clicks on.
4. A mysterious guest expert to Smart Insight’s “Actionable Marketing Advice” provides readers with 6 Simple Techniques to Build Business Relationships through Email Marketing. The relationship you’ve forged with your customer shouldn’t be compromised by silly little marketing mistakes and poorly constructed emails!
  • Top Tip: Emails from sales@, marketing@, and info@ go straight to the junk mail folder. If your B2B customer has an account manager with whom they’ve built up a rapport, use that name in the from field in order to see higher open rates.
5. B2B emails need to be mobile-friendly and responsive. Today, countless on-the-go marketers and professionals are opening emails on their smart phones and tablets. Marketo’s Optimizing B2B Mobile Email gives readers 5 important takeaways for conducting your email marketing with mobile in mind (and a link to a free handy white paper!)
  • Top Tip: Emails designed for mobile readers should be even more concise than usual. Long subject lines will frequently be cut off, so if you can’t keep your subject line to under 20 characters (yes, we know that’s a stretch), make sure the most important words are at the very beginning!
6. Eloqua’s post, cleverly titled Email Marketing, argues that email marketing is not dead, nor has it been replaced by social media! Their bit on email data analytics and closed-loop reporting adds a nice touch.
  • Top Tip: Test new email campaigns in small batches and analyze the results before sending them to a larger list. The most useful metrics marketers look at are open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and bounce rates.

Email marketing is like a fine wine. As we’ve found out, your email marketing strategy gets better with age if it’s properly taken care of. In the B2B marketing world, the buying cycles are typically much longer and more complex across most industries, so lead nurturing email campaigns are all the more important! Use these tips to create better B2B emails and you’ll be toasting to longevity, too!

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