Alexis Silvers

Alexis Silvers has been an Account Manager at PMG since late 2015, adding SEO and client services to her socially savvy repertoire. As a tenured social media expert, Alexis loves to keep an eye out for helpful tips for B2B businesses on her feeds. Other things she monitors? Blog feedback! So let her know if you like what you see or want to know more.

Posts By Alexis Silvers

The 5-Step Referral Marketing Technique (That Actually Works)

 Alexis Silvers   |     Jul 24, 2018

9 Social Tools & Templates I’m Going to Try (And You Should Too)

 Alexis Silvers   |     May 03, 2018

2018 Social Media Short List – The Updates You May Have Missed

 Alexis Silvers   |     Feb 21, 2018

3 Quick Social Media Tips You May Have Missed

 Alexis Silvers   |     Jan 24, 2018

Lead Generation Tactics for Financial Services Firms

 Alexis Silvers   |     Sep 08, 2017

How to Market Professional Services: 5 More Tactics for Success

 Alexis Silvers   |     Jul 03, 2017

Spring Cleaning for Organized (and Not So Organized) Digital Mark...

 Alexis Silvers   |     Mar 31, 2017

What Is Quora and Why Should You Care?

 Alexis Silvers   |     Mar 06, 2017

Developing Your Next Content Marketing Survey with SurveyMonkey

 Alexis Silvers   |     Jan 25, 2017

8 Tips for Building a Pinterest Marketing Strategy in the B2B Spa...

 Alexis Silvers   |     Dec 22, 2016

6 Brands Using Instagram for B2B & B2C Marketing Success

 Alexis Silvers   |     Nov 24, 2016

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