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Tired of looking at the same old company website day after day? If so, you’ve probably been considering investing in a new design.

But the question is… do you really need one?

A full-scale redesign can take a lot of time, and the process often requires allocations from the budget your business might not be willing to part with. The alternative is to pinpoint areas of your website that could use a simpler and less expensive refresh. Now, you just need some help determining which option will provide the most effective solution.

The first thing to keep in mind is that executing a website redesign implies there is a need for a fundamental change – whether it be a visual or technical overhaul, an evolution of your brand, major modifications to your marketing strategy, or even a combination of all these elements. Website redesign affects your business as a whole, and the process requires a strategic approach aligned with both short-term and long-term business objectives.

If you wholeheartedly agree with any of the following statements, a website redesign is most likely the answer for you. Time to check out five major reasons you should be waving goodbye to your old design:

1. Your website is not aligned with your current marketing strategy.

Your website has the potential to become your company’s #1 marketing asset. If your site isn’t structured or optimized to help accomplish your marketing goals, attract new business and show off your expertise, it’s time to lay your old design to rest and engage in a full-scale makeover. Take some time to outline your present business objectives – Is your website actively contributing to their completion?

2. Your website does not accurately reflect your brand.

Your website creates a first impression on countless prospects. Be sure your business is putting its best foot forward with an aesthetically pleasing, clear and understandable website aligned with your company’s core values. Keep in mind that if your organization is in the midst of a branding transformation, your website may also serve as a critical tool in facilitating that change. Your digital “identity” heavily influences consumer perception of your brand. Therefore, the experience visitors have on your website should be reflective of the experience they would have personally engaging with a company employee.

3. Your audience has evolved significantly.

No longer targeting the same customers you were five years ago? A drastic change in your audience demographics calls for a website redesign, as well. Whether you’re creating fresh content or copy to relate to your new viewers, restructuring navigational pathways to cater to recently established buyer personas, or adapting to increased mobile access and social media traffic, your website needs to be revamped. Make sure the wants and needs of your primary audience are addressed front and center!

4. Your website is difficult to navigate.

Can visitors easily find what they’re looking for when they reach your website? Ideally, they should be able to arrive at their target destination with one to two clicks. If feedback from a user experience test indicates your site is not in line with helping visitors take action, redesign your site to include better navigation, clearer Calls-to-Action, more internal links, and less clutter. Perusing your pages shouldn’t feel like work, so always keep the user’s experience top-of-mind!

5. Your website does not incorporate responsive design.

As users are increasingly accessing the Web on smartphones and tablets, companies are reformatting their websites accordingly. Responsive design entails a completely different way to approach the copy and visual elements of a site so they render well on a variety of devices. Using CSS rules and media queries, a responsive site adapts to a visitor’s screen size and resolution, automatically rescaling page layouts to accommodate for these differences. However, this process does require a redesign, not a refresh.

In addition to these five signs your site is absolutely a worthy redesign candidate, there are still seven more! Feel free to check out Website Redesign vs. Refresh: Sizing Up Your Digital Makeover with 12 Decision Factors for the complete guide. We’re ready to help when you need it!

Free Download: Website Redesign vs. Refresh – Sizing Up Your Digital Makeover with 12 Decision Factors

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Oren Smith, Marketing Manager

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