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I recently finished laying out our latest resource for the industrial sector: Digital Lead Generation for Manufacturers in 2018: An Analysis of Website Effectiveness. This report is packed with tons of great data from 100 manufacturing company websites we examined over the summer. So if you think your MFG firm could use some marketing help, this is a good place to start.

The design challenge, however, that comes along with presenting all that great data (as well as explanations for each online marketing best practice we recommend) is that you end up with a pretty lengthy document. Let's just say if it was 1995, it would be two VHS tapes.

To give interested readers a quick taste of what's inside the report, we compiled a few statistical highlights in the infographic below. Read on for an introduction to our manufacturing firm website study!

[Infographic] 5 stats from "Digital Lead Generation for Manufacturers in 2018" study

The More You Know....

Most of the websites in this investigation, aside from the need to consider a clean and responsive design, could advance their online presence with just a few tweaks. With a couple of “quick win” tactics built into their marketing strategies, the traffic and leads from these sites could skyrocket (It really is all about the simple fix!). We’ve seen it before with our partners and clients – it’s a strategy that’s backed by numbers. 

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to download the report and take a deep dive into all the results. Have a question or comment? Let us know below!

Digital Lead Generation for Manufacturers in 2019: An Analysis of Website Effectiveness [Research Study]

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Doug Orleski, Graphic Designer

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