5 Easy Video Marketing Ideas for Your B2B Marketing Plan

Video is all the rage in content marketing these days and no one is happier about its surge in popularity than me. (Because chances are I’ll finally get to put my college major to use in some tangible way.) It's true we’ve come a looooong way in technology advancement since my days at Southern Methodist University (“Pony up!”) laying down control track on video tape (“what’s that now?”). And while I have a vague recollection of my professor, Ted, telling us that landlines were going to become obsolete, I could never have predicted that video was going to be available in my pocket. On my…cell phone?

Today, the only thing easier than producing memorable video content is viewing it. And this is precisely why those marketers who aren’t incorporating video into their B2B marketing strategies are making a big mistake.

According to this HighQ infographic, 55% of people are watching video online EVERY day. Moreover, 75% of business executives watch work-related videos weekly. Bottom line: if you build it, they will come. Here’s how and where to start:

1. Showcase your company culture. Even that guy.

It may seem frivolous and even counterintuitive to show your team goofing around and having fun during the workday. Particularly for B2B teams marketing complex products or niche services in industries with rather "dry" reputations, letting viewers in on your behind-the-scenes antics actually enhances your likeability and humanizes your company – ultimately shortening your sales cycle. It’s also a great tool for hiring the right fit for your company. There’s nothing worse than finding out your new employee is NOT going to be down with weekly Real Housewives recaps.


Another way to personalize your sales approach is to show your sales people as… well… people! I mean real, live people who have friends, families and interests outside of work. He may be only trying to make his quota, but I really like this guy. It may turn out that I don’t actually need what he is selling, but chances are I would remember him and refer him to a friend who does. Or, at the very least, ring him up for a quick pint!

2. Simplify the complex with an explainer video.

The name says it all. An explainer video is created with one goal in mind—to explain what you do in two minutes or less. Ideally, this video should live on your home page to increase the chance of website visitors seeing it. Engaging your visitors with a good first impression can have a significant impact on your conversion rate. Turns out, Crazy Egg was able to increase their conversion rate by 64% by putting a simple explainer video on their home page. This quick video explains how they did it and gives some simple tricks that you can easily implement in your own video.

3. Promote your new and existing content.

If a visitor has made it to your landing page, they likely have a problem that you can solve. Don’t risk losing their attention with a dull outline of the offer. Create a quick 15-30 second video that tells them what they can expect in downloading the offer – like our friend Gabriel Marguglio of Nextiny Marketing does on his home page. You can emphasize with video what a bullet point cannot.

Hook viewers with your personality and knowledge on the subject. Start by testing video on an existing conversion page with lackluster performance. It doesn’t have to be high production value, just simply introduce the offer in a conversational way. Looking to increase registrations for an upcoming webinar? Give prospective attendees a sneak peek at what they can expect; let the speaker introduce himself and the agenda.

4. Thank prospects for their time. And ask them to come again!

Thank You pages tend to be the most neglected pages on a site. I’m not saying YOU do this, but some people may think, “Hey, I’ve already got my lead. Let’s plop a few links on here and move on.” But, the potential for further lead nurturing via video is tremendous. You know these leads are interested in your business, so take this time to thank them face-to-face (in a manner of speaking). Then suggest to them what other resources they may find helpful; just don’t forget to add those CTAs.

5. Increase your email opens and clicks.

According to this recent HubSpot blog, video in an email leads to a 200 – 300% increase in click-through rate. Now that’s a pretty staggering statistic, but not altogether shocking if you’ve received any type of marketing email in the past decade.

Remember when email was the next big thing in marketing? These days, our inboxes are full before we even sit down for our first cup of coffee. What may have worked for you in the past isn’t going to cut it going forward. Doing a quarterly newsletter? Include a video snippet that highlights a team member who’s gone above and beyond. Or, how about a quick video of a customer testimonial? A referral like that is worth its weight in gold.

So, what’s it going to be? You in?

Video is all about increasing time spent on a website and facilitating greater engagement and a better user experience. But, the best part about adding video to your marketing plan is that it’s actually FUN. Now take these video marketing ideas and start creating some thumb-stopping content today. And let us know how you do in the comments!

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Kerrie Clark O'Mara | Account Manager
About the Author
Kerrie Clark O'Mara, Account Manager

Kerrie O’Mara is an Account Manager and mixed marketing arts master. She loves combining old and new marketing techniques to help clients get the results they need. She’ll usually be avoiding blogs at all costs, but when she’s forced to sit down and write, she’s doing it for the reward of her readers learning something new!