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Businesses have been using CRM (customer relationship management) tools for years as a method to prospect, build and document relationship stages and align sales and marketing teams. More often than not, employees are expected to use the tool that is already in place, even though it might not make the most sense, it's difficult to use, or it offers little flexibility or support.

This post is written specifically for those of you who are shopping around for a new CRM tool—or thinking about implementing one for the first time.

Here are 4 things we LOVE about the HubSpot CRM:

1. The Price

The HubSpot CRM is free. Yes, you read that right: FREE!

Note: There is also a paid version of the tool – HubSpot Sales Pro. This version includes some additional bells and whistles. But in this post, we are going to focus on the free version (because who doesn’t like free?)

2. The Support

HubSpot has a support line that's open 24/7. And if for some reason the support representative cannot help you solve your problem (which will hardly ever happen), they will follow up with an email with clear instructions and resources to solve your issue. OR, if you prefer, they will call you back. We are talking a real human being that has taken responsibility for your support issue and promises to help you to find a resolution.

Note: Personally, I have found myself so spoiled by HubSpot support, that I get frustrated whenever I call another support line in my daily life (cable, bank, etc.) if they don’t treat me as HubSpot treats me. I have grown accustomed to getting what I want without having to beg for it. Hmmm… now doesn’t that sound nice?

  • Training: HubSpot offers training videos, certifications and knowledge articles (see more about articles in the next bullet) for users to educate themselves on not only how to most efficiently use the software, but also about developing sales and marketing initiatives and setting the right business development goals.
  • HubSpot's Knowledge Base: Anytime you are looking for detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use the HubSpot CRM, the answers are likely in HubSpot’s knowledge base. Go to and type your question into the search bar. Equipped with screen shots and instructions that are easy to follow, this resource is valuable for any HubSpot user.

HubSpot CRM – Knowledge Base

3. Ease of Use

hubspot-crm-contact-company-example.pngNo more spreadsheets. No more searching for emails. In the HubSpot CRM, you have the ability to keep track of calls, emails, meetings and notes. So the next time you pick up the phone to call your prospect, you have all of your history with that particular contact right at your fingertips.

Note: If you are using the HubSpot marketing tool, you will also be able to see which pages on your website the prospect is viewing, how she is interacting with your site and your resources, etc.—affording you the opportunity to create an even more personalized approach.

The CRM tool also works for you, providing you with additional company data – such as address, industry, description, number of employees, company LinkedIn profile (clickable) and more. HubSpot gathers this data from the company domain name. At PMG, we are saving minutes and even hours each day researching a prospect before reaching out because all of the information we need is now in our CRM.  

4. Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales & Marketing alignment is not a fairy tale—I promise—it does exist! Pairing the HubSpot Marketing Tool with the HubSpot CRM tool is a gift for both your sales and your marketing teams. See everything about a specific lead in one place. Drill down into all the data you need without switching platforms. Even at PMG, aligning sales and marketing efforts has been a challenge! But we've seen so much success in the last year, and in part, it's due to the mutual goals we've set and the seamless integration of data.

The HubSpot CRM has saved us time, money and energy.

And that’s what we LOVE about the HubSpot CRM!

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Ranae Mogensen
Ranae Mogensen

Currently serving as Inbound Marketing Manager at aPriori Technologies, Ranae Mogensen is an adept campaign specialist and project manager with over 10 years of experience. A HubSpot certified marketing & sales professional whose worked with clients from numerous industries, Ranae is passionate about reaching prospects and customers with meaningful content that helps them solve their most pressing business problems.

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