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Content Marketing Tips for Industrial ManufacturersMany B2B manufacturers struggle with making their businesses appear interesting or inviting to particular segments of their target audience. More often than not, the industrial products these companies produce (you know… plastic bearings, shipping containers, and other items we’ve helped our clients market) do not just sell themselves; they need a little oomph! That’s where content marketing comes to the rescue – to liven up your brand and help educate potential buyers about trending industry topics so they are more informed when the time comes for them to make a purchasing decision.

An important first step to successfully creating content is to identify your buyer personas. Once you take care of this strategic component, you can start with some brainstorming and research to help you better understand your audience and determine how to capture their attention. Here are 4 content marketing tips to get you started:

1. Brainstorm keywords.

What are some of the buzzwords (or keywords) that are critical to your industry? Begin by brainstorming a good long list, and then whittle it down to a manageable set of priority keywords. Then choose those keywords with the best search volume as the basis for your content marketing, as your material will rank higher in search engine results. An adept outsourced marketing firm can help you develop this important list (hint, we know a good one!).

For example, an air hose manufacturer might include keywords such as air hose fittings, air compressor hoses, compressed air lines, air hose reel, air hose medical, etc., with a “problem” keyword of air hose pressure. Implementing an effective keyword strategy drives higher quality traffic to your website and creates valuable conversion opportunities via organic search.

2. Take a content inventory and repurpose.

Why reinvent the wheel? Start with what you’ve got! Begin by taking an inventory of your current content to help you identify the materials you have in stock vs. new materials you might want to develop in the future. Many times an older piece of content can be repurposed with some minor copy and design revisions.

Do you have existing customer presentations? They could be the beginnings of a new eBook. Got a list of industry FAQs? This could be the start of a series of blog posts. Get the idea? Repurposing your inventory will not only help you save the time and expense of creating all new content, but can also help you gain traction quickly.

3. Talk to your subject matter experts (SMEs).

Looking beyond existing pieces, how can you begin to create new content? Start by speaking with the folks who face your customers; your sales reps, installation folks or repair teams. Or arrange interviews with your top customers and ask for their insight on your company and the industry.

You’d be surprised by how asking a few simple yet probing questions can generate a plethora of new content ideas. What problems do they face? What questions are they being asked? Which social media channels do they follow? Are there industry obstacles they are challenged by? These are all good questions to begin with. Remember, to provide a solution, you must first understand the problem!

4. Observe the competition.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to take a look at what your competition is saying in their content marketing. Are they successful in their efforts – or missing the mark? Evaluating the competition can help you solidify and differentiate your company from the rest of the pack.

Before you start creating content, use these content marketing tips and take the time to brainstorm your message, as well as update your current inventory to help build an effective and expedient content strategy. You’ll be cooking up compelling content in no time!

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Denise Locke | Content Marketer
Denise Locke, Content Marketer

Denise Locke has been a Content Marketer and Marketing Technical Writer at PMG since 2008. She’s a content transformation master, specializing in turning dry information into exciting, interesting copy that engages engineers and stray readers alike. Industrial manufacturing copywriter by day, analytics tracker by night, Denise breathes all things technical – and loves making content that will be relevant in the industry for years to come.

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