3 Reasons NOT to Hire an Outsourced Marketing Agency

Looking for reasons to NOT hire an outsourced marketing agency? Well look no further! Let’s get started. (Warning: This post may contain trace amounts of jest.) 

Reason #1:You dont want a fresh perspective.

An outsourced marketing expert brings a valuable outside perspective to your company. We’re a partner, not an order-taker. Which leads us to come up with fresh ideas and programs that drive business. And because we’re also working with other firms and industries, we can successfully apply marketing best practices from those industries to yours.

Reason #2: You dont like to stretch your dollar.

For the cost of hiring, paying and providing benefits for one full-time marketing director who brings a single set of skills and experience, you can have an entire team of seasoned specialists working for you. That includes strategists, designers, and copywriters—all working towards moving your marketing forward.

Reason #3: You alone can handle all of your marketing, all the time.

There naturally will be times when your business needs to pay a lot of attention to marketing – maybe when you’re rebranding your company or building a new website – and there will be times when it will be enough simply maintaining your website, sending your quarterly newsletter and updating your social media sites. When you have an outsourced marketing team, your marketing staff and its costs can be expanded or contracted to accommodate your needs – leaving you more time to run your business.

So there you have it: 3 reasons to NOT hire an outsourced marketing agency.

(Think you might actually be ready to outsource? Visit the link below!)

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Sheila Villalobos | Account Manager
About the Author
Sheila Villalobos, Account Manager

Sheila Villalobos is a PMG Account Manager and trend tracking extraordinaire. When she’s not being her naturally resourceful self and figuring out new ways to use old marketing tools, you can find her staying up to date on all things web design, ABM, contextual marketing and strategy (and writing blogs about them).