11 HubSpot Resources You Didn’t Know About

I like to think of HubSpot as my Marketing Superhero Sidekick. I’ve seen HubSpot save a cold contact from hitting the dreadful “unsubscribe” link in an email. And I’ve seen HubSpot save a glorious content offer from the depths of Page 3 in Google search results.

But at the end of the day, HubSpot really is just a sidekick. As a marketer, we're the ones who wake up every day and scour the Sources Report for our next opportunity to close customers.

(Am I the only one who wants to wear a SuperMarketer super suit under my casual button-down?)

Prior to landing this incredible gig with Precision Marketing Group, I had the pleasure of being a HubSpot Employee on the Customer Success Team. Like the team name indicates, it was our job to help our customers be as successful as possible using HubSpot. That meant taking the time to educate users about all of the awesome resources you have access to as a HubSpot customer.

Did you know that HubSpot has a free marketing library with hundreds of free downloadable templates? Did you know you can ask COS design questions in the community forum?

With great power comes great opportunity. Here are some awesome HubSpot resources you can utilize today:

1. HubSpot Marketing Library

Have you ever had content envy over the amazing resources HubSpot’s marketing team creates?

Well, envy no more! Every single piece of downloadable content that HubSpot has ever offered on their website and blog is available for you to access for free in the HubSpot Marketing Library.

HubSpot Resources: Marketing LibraryHere’s where you’ll find it: Log in to your HubSpot account. In the top-right corner of your screen, select the “Graduation Cap” icon. Select “Marketing Library” from the drop-down menu. Voila!

From here you can filter by content type—templates, webinars, user guides, or marketing kits. Indexed topics for each type include lead generation, SEO, social media, and PPC. Let’s say if your boss asks you to put together some awesome Call-to-Action buttons. Just hop on over to the Marketing Library and type “CTA”  into the library’s search bar. You’ll unlock access to free downloadable CTA buttons, best practices and relevant research.

2. HubSpot Support

HubSpot’s Support Team is world famous for their response time and tech savviness. Don’t know how to create a list in HubSpot using multiple logic filters? Wondering why your email column won’t align left no matter how many times you hit the left-align button? The Support Team is here to help.

Here’s where you’ll find it: Just click the “Help” button in the bottom-right corner of your HubSpot Dashboard, and you can have an expert on the line within minutes. Here are the different support avenues available to you:

  • HubSpot Resources: Support HelpSubmit Online Ticket: Click the “Help” button and submit an email ticket. A Support rep will be assigned and reach out within minutes via email to let you know they’re on the case.
  • Get Immediate Help: Call 1 888-482-7768 x3 to speak with someone right away. Like if you’re just about to hit “send” on an email to 20,000 contacts and want to make sure you’ve added your lists correctly.
  • Have Someone Call You Back: Send over details about what you need help with and a Support Representative will review the issue and give you a call back directly. No hold time on the phone!

3. HubSpot Community Forums

Sometimes you’ll run into a question that Support isn’t able to help you with, such as which snippet of code to add to a custom COS widget, or pro tips for setting up the CRM. To sync up with like-minded individuals and experts, make your way over to HubSpot’s Community page to browse through similar topic threads, or to pose a question.

The best part about Community is that it is regulated and monitored by HubSpot employees, so you can be sure the content threads are helpful, relevant and accurate.

Here’s where you’ll find it: Log in to HubSpot and select the “Graduation Cap” icon from the top-right corner of your dashboard. Select “Community” from the drop-down.

4. HubSpot Academy

Ever feel like you’re drinking from a firehose with all of HubSpot’s feature updates? You’re not alone. That’s why HubSpot Academy has bundled training videos, user guides, quick answers and how-to’s under the HubSpot Academy umbrella. This is a great area to send new HubSpot users on your team, or refresh your memory if you haven’t used a particular tool in a while.

Here’s where you’ll find it: Log in to HubSpot and select the “Graduation Cap” icon from the top-right corner of your dashboard. Select “Academy Home” from the drop-down. From here you can select different training options, like video training, or search for the topic you want to learn more about.

5. HubSpot Projects

HubSpot Resources: HubSpot ProjectsIf you’re familiar with the HubSpot content tools but you need a step-by-step roadmap on how to reach your goals, HubSpot Projects are for you. Projects exist for every lifecycle stage. You can learn how to optimize your blog, how to send out your first lead nurturing campaign, or how to sync Google AdWords with your account. Best of all, every project links to relevant areas in the tool and helpful documents. You can check off your completed steps and loop in other team members.

This tool is perfect for marketing managers who don’t want to reinvent the wheel, or for new users looking for a blueprint to success.

Here’s where you’ll find it: Log in to HubSpot and select “Productivity” from the main menu. Then select “Projects”.

6. HubSpot User Groups

You don’t have to tackle HubSpot all by yourself. With HubSpot User Groups (HUGs) all across the globe, you can sync up with other HubSpot users to share ideas, ask questions, network, and receive expert tips. HUGs are usually attended by a HubSpot employee or expert who can connect you with the best internal resources and give you one-on-one advice. HubSpot Agency Partners also attend HUGs, so you can find a partner to guide or take over your next big marketing project.

Here’s where you’ll find it: Navigate to https://www.hubspot.com/join-a-hug.

7. HubSpot Ideas

Have you ever stared at a tool in HubSpot and thought, “Man, I really wish HubSpot had X functionality…”

Well, now you can tell the product development team directly with HubSpot Ideas.

Ideas is a community forum where HubSpot users such as yourself can voice your ideas for the next big product, functionality, or software improvement. Then, other users can vote for your idea. The Product Team at HubSpot regularly monitors the feed. The more votes an idea has, the more likely it is to be incorporated in a future update.

Take a look at existing ideas and vote for your favorites at any time.

Here’s where you’ll find it: Log in to HubSpot and select the “Graduation Cap” icon from the top-right corner of your dashboard. Select “Ideas” from the drop-down.

8. HubSpot Classroom Training

Got a new Marketer on the team that needs to get up-to-speed with your current HubSpot settings? Classroom training may be the best solution. With classes like “Building an Inbound Campaign”, and “Creating Effective Inbound Content,” you can select a crash-course that’s perfectly aligned with your goals.

Classroom Training is available around the globe and is taught in a classroom-like setting. Except the teachers are real HubSpotters and you get some cool free swag. With limited class sizes, you can get one-on-one help and network with other users.

Here’s where you’ll find it: Navigate to https://www.hubspot.com/services/classroom-training

9. HubSpot Product Add-Ons

The HubSpot product is expanding and changing all the time. With so many available add-ons and tools, it can be hard to keep up-to-date with the next big thing. Sometimes HubSpot will release new products for free as an add-on or free trial. If you’d like to see the advanced reporting dashboard in action, or want to unlock the CRM for free, simply hop over to the Product and Add-Ons section and start exploring.

Here’s where you’ll find it: Log in to HubSpot and select your image icon in the top-right corner. Select “Settings’ from the drop-down menu. Then select “Products & Add-ons” from the left-column menu.

Note that some products are available for purchase and may not be free after the trial period.

10. HubSpot Partner Directory

Have a big project on the horizon that you need expert help with? The HubSpot Partner Directory can align you with an agency partner to assist with marketing projects – like CRM sales enablement, COS website design, lead generation and nurturing campaigns, or general inbound marketing planning.

Here’s where you’ll find it: Log in to HubSpot and select the “Graduation Cap” icon from the top-right corner of your dashboard. Select “Partner Directory” from the drop-down.

11. HubSpot Integrations

Using Salesforce and want to sync it up with your marketing database? Want to start using SurveyMonkey in your email campaigns? What about installing a chat feature on your COS product pages? HubSpot is constantly working with other software companies to create seamless and efficient integrations for the apps you’re already using in your organization. It’s as simple as clicking “enable” and following some wizard steps to get your two systems talking to each other.

Here’s where you’ll find it:  Log in to HubSpot and select your image icon from the top-right corner of your dashboard. Select “Integrations” from the drop-down. Then click “All Integrations” to browse available out-of-the-box integrations.

There you have it! Eleven HubSpot resources you have right at your fingertips to help you inspire, improve and streamline your marketing efforts. Feel free to let us know if you have any of your own HubSpot challenges. As a valued member of the Partner Program since 2008, our team is well-equipped to answer your questions about the platform, not to mention power up your marketing strategy using these awesome tools!

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Kate Moore | Content Strategy & SEO Director
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