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We live in a content heavy society, which makes coming up with new, fresh ideas a challenge. Not to mention how quickly content gets buried since everyone is churning out blog posts, newsletters, email, social media posts…the list goes on and on. However, there is a gem right under your nose that you should never overlook; those evergreen past blog posts or articles that were well received by your audience back when they were originally published.

If you have an older, popular post whose topic is still relevant today, why not refresh and repurpose? It takes the pressure off of you in trying to come up with new ideas and almost guarantees a repeat performance in popularity. Put on your analytical hat and take a look through analytics to see what content performed well with visits, shares and likes. Just be sure you will be able to add something new and current to it so it’s almost like a brand new piece of content!

Content is shared in many avenues and forms today. Some subject matter may be better received in one format over another, depending on your industry. Below, take a look at 10 ways you can present refreshed content to your audience.

1. eBooks and white papers

You likely have several old blog posts that are about a similar topic. Why not bundle those and expand upon them to create an eBook or white paper with great images and graphics? This valuable new piece of content can be promoted through email, social media posts and even another blog post.

2. Videos of existing content

Video is huge these days, and it's often a preferred method for digesting content. You could use an old blog post as the basis for a script and you can either narrate over visuals, create slides or include yourself reading the post. Be sure to upload your video to YouTube for extra exposure, and don't forget to embed it in the original blog post and, of course, share it on social media.

3. Infographics

Infographics are wildly popular in many fields, as they're a visual way to get across valuable stats and information quickly and clearly. Look for existing presentations or slide decks that you can use as visuals. Have some data-rich blog posts? They are perfect for building an infographic. No need to worry that you won’t be able to create something on your own; there are great online resources to help you create a stunning infographic – Canva, Piktochart and Venngage, to name a few.

4. Checklists

So much of our longer form content could be simplified into a checklist. While long form white papers are chock full of valuable information, sometimes all readers want is an actionable “to-do” list. A checklist offers an additional way to promote the full offer and encourage downloads.

5. Webinars – upload to YouTube

Choose a popular topic that performed well for you in the past and host a webinar. A little more planning needs to go into this, but you will most likely reap some great benefits. You could base it off of a presentation, demo a product, host a Q&A with a subject matter expert, assemble a panel of experts – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Again, consider uploading a segment of your webinar to YouTube for added exposure, and provide a link back to the gated content if you're looking to leverage this as a lead gen opportunity.

6. SlideShare

With 70 million users, don’t overlook LinkedIn-owned SlideShare. Take an existing presentation, update any relevant statistics and upload it to SlideShare. Be sure to include links to valuable related posts or offers on your website. Again, Canva is a great resource to help you design your presentation. And a bonus is that you can embed your SlideShare on your website just like you would a video.

7. New blog posts: refresh, republish, and promote

When you have evergreen content that is relevant for a long time, the easiest thing to do is to refresh and update with new stats or perspectives and republishing. You can test different headlines and spins on the content. With this “new” post, you can repromote on social channels and reach a whole new audience.

8. Social posts

Trying to post regularly on social media but running out of ideas? Look no further than your old content! Crafting some new posts for all the social channels will breathe new life into an older article and generate new traffic to your site.

9. Guest blog posts

If you are a subject matter expert on a particular topic, why not put your name and your expertise out there? There are plenty of popular websites that look for guest bloggers and would love to publish your content and allow you to reach their audience, which may result in some new leads!

10. Case studies from internal data

All those numbers you’ve crunched to see ROI for a particular client need not stay internal. Why not turn some of those stellar results into a case study to use on your website? People love to see results and proof of the benefit of working with you, so showcasing your successes will benefit everyone. If the client isn't able to go on public record (which can be the case in some industries), just describe what they do without naming any names. The story can still have a great impact.

There is great value in periodically reviewing the performance of your content and determining what can be refreshed, repackaged and repromoted down the road. It’s a sure-fire way to keep your content engine running strong. What other ways do you repurpose your content? Share in the comments!

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Lori Dickey | Marketing Specialist
Lori Dickey, Marketing Specialist

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