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10 Marketing Metrics You Should Track to
Get the Business You Want

Last month, we talked about the importance of analyzing where your best business is coming from so you can get more of it this year.

In a perfect world, you have all the information you need to complete the analysis we outlined. But in the real world, we understand that you may not have tracked your results over the past months and years as well as you could have.

So this month, we're giving you 10 things you should start tracking today! We guarantee that paying attention to these things will give you the information you need to get the business you want.

    1. Your Referral Sources
      Who is giving you the perfect referrals? Could be a person, could be a group.

    2. Your Profit Per Project
      It's critical to track your time and the costs of delivering your goods and services so you can see how much you get to keep.

    3. Your Bounce Rate
      Not the number of checks you bounced - hopefully none! Your bounce rate measures whether someone leaves your site as soon as they arrive -- it means they are not finding what they were looking for or want.

    4. Conversion of Your Site Traffic
      It's not about how many visitors you get to your site, it's about how many of them convert to qualified leads.

    5. Your Close Rate
      How many leads do you convert to sales?

    6. Inbound Links
      It's the high school of cyberspace, how many of the right people are seeking to connect with you?

    7. Reader Activity on Your Newsletter or Blog
      Are you attracting new subscribers and getting people to click through to your site?

    8. One-Time Buys
      It's likely that you need to know how often it happens and why.

    9. Client/Project Results
      How are people better off after doing business with you? What results did you help them receive?

    10. Customer Feedback
      You simply must know what your customers are saying about your company, even if they aren't saying it to you.